"Children's Toys" | Dystopian Animated Short Film (2018)

16 November، 2020 9:51 pm
"Children's Toys" | Dystopian Animated Short Film (2018)

"Children's Toys" | Dystopian Animated Short Film (2018)

Created by David James Armsby.

“Imagination. So Powerful. Your children are full of it. Always having their minds drift off into the wonderous and magical expanse of their creativity. Often visualising brilliant and terrible things. Impossible things.”

This film is a sequel/spin-off to two previous animations of mine, “Being Pretty” and “No Monsters”. It’s the first of three animated shorts I have planned set in the universe.

I honestly forgot how much I like working in this universe. The aesthetic and tone of Autodale is really fun to work with. I know that this short doesn’t really expand on the lore much beyond what we’ve already seen but that’s why it was the idea I told first out of the three. This was a smaller story about manipulation and imagination that I really wanted to tell and I hope you guys enjoy it! ^_^

This is the third short film in the Autodale series. Check out the whole playlist here!:

Making of:

Songs by Ross Bugden.