4 Kids Surprised With Custom Stuffed Animals of Their Past Pets | Petsies©

16 November، 2020 2:53 pm
4 Kids Surprised With Custom Stuffed Animals of Their Past Pets | Petsies©

4 Kids Surprised With Custom Stuffed Animals of Their Past Pets | Petsies©

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Full Video Description

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Losing a pet is one of the hardest losses, especially for kids. We wanted to make the grieving process a little easier for these four kids who had recently lost their beloved fur babies. We took photos of their pet and hand-made each one of them a custom stuffed lookalike of their best friends. Each Petsie is airbrushed carefully to match the markings of your pet, and no two are alike. Watch the priceless reactions of these kids as they unbox for the first time a plush surprise they’ll be sure to hug for years to come.

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Video Transcription
-“My pet was a mix Pitbull and his name was Bauer.”
-“I had a cat and her name was Kitty.”
-“Usually we would just chill in my room or went for a walk.”
-“She slept with me in a ball.”
-“Honey Boo Boo was bad this one time when she was attacking this dog. He was a Rottweiler. She backed him into a corner… mind you she had no teeth.”
-“He was my first word, he was everything to me.”
-“Um, we lost her. I was really sad. My mom was at the vet and she called me to say goodbye to her. It was sad.”
-“First I was a little confused because he was just laying there. We were all upstairs and I got so nervous I couldn’t even pronounce his name right. It’s not that I didn’t know he was sleeping. Like – It just came to me. Like – I don’t know why I didn’t feel like he was sleeping.”
-“Her tummy was hurting so she had to get stitches. And it must’ve hurt, so she must’ve passed on.”
-“Whenever I think of him – He just left a big hole in my heart.”
-INTERVIEWER: “So, we got you a little present for coming out here for us.”
-“Thank you.”
-INTERVIEWER: “You can open it right now.”
-“[Laughing] Oh my gosh, thank you. This is amazing.”
-“So cute! Thank you.”
-INTERVIEWER: “Does it remind you of anyone?”
-“Reminds me of Bauer.”
-“Her little tongue sticking out constantly cause her jaw was always messed up. Yeah.”
-“This makes me feel a whole lot better.”
-“I bet when I come home today, I’m going to show this to the dogs and they are all going to back away a little bit.”
-“I love you, Kitty! [Crying]”